The line between History and Reality

Written by Najma Juma | Posted on  15 April, 2016.

History tells us our education system was terrible, yet the same education gave birth to legends. University students, the so called educated, still complain about the same education which brought them out of the village. The crowds of unemployed match to criticize the government over the same education. This history is no longer history but rather a living reality, I even think it is the worst reality if you compare with the past. My late grandpa told me stories about his schooling experience under the domain of white people before our nation got independence. It is the attitude that made them go far despite of the education system, facilities, teachers, syllabus, languages and all other barriers you can mention today facing education systems. Why do we have so many failures today? I believe today is better in terms of technology and information transfer yet we fail, students fail. My grandfather was a patriot, he went to school not for his life alone, not for his parents alone but for his land. He was latter the chairman of the first labours party which advocate for labours rights after independence. His life has been of value to others, his career was of service.

My observation was, education is only there to give us information. Do not be discouraged or lose focus because of the circumstances, even if there is no a black board or a chalk, education is still available. Maybe there is another way to grasp it. Yes, our old great grandfathers and mothers gave us education through story telling. Education is simply information, experiences, experiments, done by the past generation to help you think of the next solution facing the world today. Education is not employment. To pass on education, it is important for mankind development. The focus is on quality education, this is awesome but we need the right attitude.