Executive Director & Founder

Abella Bateyunga is a founder and executive director of a successful youth driven social enterprise called Tanzania Bora Initiative, a Tanzanian local non-profit focusing on harnessing the power of youth and their engagement on Governance, community development and media. She is also a media personality, public and motivational speaker. She has led and mentored a number of young Tanzanians in various leadership and career successful path. Abella has over 9 years’ experience working directly with national, regional and international communities – focused on issues to do with Governance, Media and Arts. She also owns a for profit business called LoveArts , a company that is focused at improving the quality of arts via drama, music,dance,poetry,fashion and photography. She has directed a number of social issue based live performance dramas, influence upcoming artists to create art (Music audio and Videos) that inspire positive change in her community. Abella is a Mandela Washington fellow for Young African Leaders - President Obama’s flagship for mentoring upcoming potential African leaders. She holds a BA in Law with honors (LLB Hons) from the University of Dar es Salaam, alongside several governance, media and leadership training she continues to attend.


Ismail has worked with national and international non-profit organisations such as the Youth of United Nations Association-Tanzania as Program Officer and Secretary General on youth programs. He has championed Tanzania and East Africa Youth Consultations on the Post 2015 Development Agenda and the High Level Panels on the MDGs. Ismail holds Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Diplomacy (First Class) from the Mozambique-Tanzania Centre for Foreign Relations, and BA. In Law Enforcement (with Honors) from University of Dar-es-Salaam.

Joseph Nyombi
Monitoring and Evaluation lead

He works for the Government of United Republic of Tanzania with over 7 years experience as Regional Health Secretary for Mtwara. Godfrey works with national and multilateral organizations in research, project implementation, capacity development and monitoring and evaluation on performance of the health sector in the country.


Has been actively involved as a leader in children and youth activities at community level, his passion is to raise the profile of youth across Africa through the medium of music, drama drama and other creative arts. Mini arts festivals, music concerts, theater arts productions and fashion shows have all been a part of his endeavor to push the beauty of the African child's creative mind to its highest heights. His career as an artist has also been the cradle for hit songs like "Kilimanjaro" that focuses on the strength and beauty of the motherland. Leroy Sanyi holds a graduate diploma in marketing, advertising and public relations.


She has been actively engaged in promoting youth awareness and self-discovery through Youth Balozi Program with TAYOA and Life Choices program in Tanzania under USAID. With these programs, she acquired skills on counselling and consulting youth facing drug and substance abuse, behaviour change communication and HIV/AIDS for self-discovery and social change .She has a background in media, at Clouds TV she had a segment called “Sauti Moja” in the Television show called +255 Kwanza as a street presenter. Angela is a recently presenting her own show called “Sauti Moja” with a contributor, the democratic challenge show that will connect youth from different parts in Dar es Salaam to discuss their Democracy In their day to day activities.


She has more than two years’ experience in writing and conducting practical and theoretical research’s. She very passionate using her skills and experience to make positive change in the society. Leyla likes conducting research that helps young people in their decision making, she believes that even if they have only incomplete knowledge of their environment, imperfect abilities to manipulate it, limited or noisy perception or insufficient reasoning speed, finding good solutions to these problems requires approaches that cut across many different fields. Holds a Bachelor degree of Arts in International Relation and Diplomacy from Nkumba University. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Business Administration. Her dream is one day to become a Diplomat.


He is a multi-disciplinary person who is passionately curious of creating powerful visual and audio brands. Kay is driven by two things in particular, trend research in media and visual communications. Kay has an 8 years experience in media and digital marketing. He has a passion for photography.

M. Lunyili
Head of Finance

Lyamba Moses Lunyili a Tanzanian Citizen Born and Living in Dar es Salaam. Christian by Belief and Sukuma by tribe. He is an Experienced Financial Consultant, He has consulted both Large Co-operation and Small Medium enterprises. He also has developed several businesses from the concept to start ups and running ventures. He is a transformer passionate particularly in mind-set change on entrepreneurship and industrialisation. He is holding a degree in accounting from Institute of Finance Management.


Agape has a great passion for IT and in her time with TBI she was the assistant website administrator in all the organization's websites as well as self-training in video and photo editing using the Adobe products i.e. Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. As much as she loves IT she also loves dancing, on her spare time she's a dance instructor at New Vibe Dance Classes and has a dream of opening her own Dance Studios and Academy. Agape has now taken the role of magazine lead, where she is the chief editor of the youth magazine named Bora, as well as the upcoming girl magazine called Mrembo. She holds a diploma in Business Administration from the Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute.


She has about four years of experience in working and volunteering with different Organizations such as Read International, Youth of United Nations association, USAID Tanzania, AIESEC in Tanzania, and Digital city drimz. She is also known for writing and reciting poems for social events. Najma is expected to graduate with Bachelor of Arts in law enforcement from the University of Dar es salaam this year.

Production Assistant & TV presenter,

Is the founder of his very own Creative Agency called Orange Mind that creates and produces advertisements, brand activation and concepts for product campaigns. He also hosts the 20 Za Town with Clouds Television, the show that counts down the latest tracks and interviews various influential movers and shakers in the entertainment industry invited. Among his many talents he has for 3 years in a row hosted Serengeti Fiesta, Tanzania's biggest concert held annually in over 18 regions. Nickson holds a Diploma in Public Relations.


RADHIA Malla has over six years’ experience working with the different non-profit organisations worked as a supervisor of different youth issues such as youth culture exchange, youth leader in action, entrepreneurship, environmental, water sanitation, and health hygiene and community resilience, national and international. And now audio lead, research and reporter. My career is to focus to the youth and inspire young generation to be active, creative and confidence as well in difference process bases on socially, politically and economically to bring positive changes. Love what you do, do what you love and follow your dream. Also take any opportunity which comes into you.

I. Alutte

He is an entrepreneur, founder of Advancit Technologies since 2013, dealing with website designing, networking services and graphic designing. His prior job was a Field Coordinator at UTrack Africa Limited where he managed and monitored clients’ vehicles and machines. In addition to that, he prepared and oversaw work for technicians operating in the field. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.


He took a leap of faith after his high school to pursuit his dream to be a photographer, graphic designer and super tramp. He is the founder and creator of ‘Design Hustle Co’, a company that creates graphic content for brands in Tanzania.


Mujuni Baitani is a young talented and committed citizen of Tanzania. He is a professional Technology Expert and Analyst. He attained his studies at St. Joseph University in Tanzania, with a Diploma of Engineering in Information Technology and Diploma in Operation Management at Alison, Ireland. With all intellectual skills and knowledge his primary areas of practice have been Documentation, Political Relations, Activist, and Communication Strategy. As well as professional experience he has worked with number of organizations, Political party and government institutions. He spends most of his time learning and helping Youth Societies in Capacity Building and Civic education. Currently he is pursuing his undergraduate at Ardhi University with Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management.

Finance Officer

Frida is an astute finance professional, with good experience in banking industry. She has gained most of her experience from working with Diamond Trust Bank, Stanbic Bank Tanzania, and Commercial Bank of Africa. She holds a Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance. Her passion and desire is to become a great Financial Consultant has moved her to pursue a Masters in Finance and Investment. Her calmness and compassionate demeanour, attentiveness, good listening skills and willingness to learn, has made her successful in working with different individuals. She is also an entrepreneur. Away from business she enjoys cooking, travelling and spending time with family and friends.


Lover of music and talented actor has been able to marvel all who watch her with her amazingly entertaining presence. Her heart for the helpless and her need to share the hope of a better world with every one she meets, make her personality always stand out in a crowd. with her effortless humor she brings color to whatever she touches, one among many talents that kicked open the doors for her present employment as a co-host for Mrembo TV show being aired at TV1 TV Station. She holds a bachelor of commerce in accounting from Daystar University.


Caroline Yust is a 23 years old girl from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Her charming and sweet personality almost ceases to exist when she begins talking about women empowerment especially with respect to education and career growth.Her dream is that her presence on Mrembo show will be on eye opener for most girls to go out and follow their dreams.She hold a diploma of banking and finance from the Institute of Finance Management (IFM)


Is a young talented and intelligent person with passion for arts. Eberhard’s dream is to see arts becoming a business, arts becoming a career, arts becoming a source of positive change and solution to different societal problems. Eberhard is a graduate from the University of Dar es Salaam Business School majored in a bachelor of commerce in Finance, while he was still in his studies, Eberhard got a chance to work with various organizations including The Guardian LTD as a sales executive, TIGO Tanzania as a student brand ambassador, TANROADS Ruvuma as a Finance trainee and Songea Urban water and Sewerage Authority (SOUWASA) as a customer Surveyor. Because of his passion in Arts, Eberhard founded a group art called “We Belong To Art” which focused on uniting Universities students with different talents and they succeeded to record a song called “TANZANIA MPYA” Swahili words which means “NEW TANZANIA”, Eberhard also is a writer of business ideas. His belief is “For any country to make progress and develop, the country should highly invest in youth by giving them a better education, uniting them and lastly supporting their talents”.

Secelela Madeje
TV Presenter

She has more than 4 years experience in the human resources industry in Tanzania. She was the lead of an innovation program for vocational educational students to get access to soft skills training at Professional Approach Development LTD. And through her various avenues such as co hosting a popular youth business radio show called "The Link", that has been airing for more than 3 years, she advocates for development of youth and businesses. She recently co founded a Consulting company called Ekihya, which aims to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in SME's and start up businesses operations and working structures. Lillian holds a BA in Business Administration, with two major specialization in International Business and Market.


She has one year as a Radio presenter at Planet fm and four month at Clouds Tv as a intern producer. Also she has experience at one year as master of different ceremony like celebrities events and some bash at universities. She has been granted of a certificate of best master of ceremonies.


Zainab is a diverse lady with extensive experience in the fields of teaching and marketing but also a lot of experience in real estate. Strongly passionate about helping others, especially kids and single moms. Mrembo TV talk show offers an opportunity for her to strengthening and amplify young women’s voices, promote social awareness for girl issues and their rights, thereby creating friendly environments where girls can meet, play, discuss their issues and come up with various solutions.


He is passionately curious of making the world a better living place. Iman is driven by one thing: challenging the future with fearless confidence, therefore, making research on cross-cutting issues to meet the data technology necessities. He is, therefore, a young proactive Tanzanian inspirational speaker and a successful youth motivator. He does that by involving himself in creative writing. Iman also inspires youth through his career choices and capacity building teachings through seminars. As a young leader he have got experience when he worked with Tanzania Young Catholic Students (TYCS) and later Tanzania movements for Catholic Students (TMCS) in both, branch and zone level. He has got ability to work with NGO as he has got experience by working with Voice of Change Tanzania, (VOC) as Education officer and recently he is working at Tanzania Bora Initiative (TBI) as Research Officer and a Sauti Moja TV show contributor (about to commence).


He is a multifaceted artist involved in a various forms of art from a tender age to present, ranging from; illustrations for a book cover, pavement graffiti, label designing, dance and performances theatre acting, comics and public speaking. Edgar is the host (MC) of an open mic event 'La Poetista' initiative and is also a standup comedian. He previously worked as a creative personnel, and producer/presenter of a night show 'The late night show', at Clouds Media group. He is currently a student at Ardhi University, pursuing his bachelor of Architecture General.